Lowering Basement

Lowering basements is a process of increasing the height and space of the basement floor by digging deeper and modifying the foundation. It can significantly improve the comfort, value, and usability of the basement area. Basement Lowering in Toronto can be effectively carried out through two main methods: underpinning and bench-footing.

Underpinning is a method of lowering the basement floor by excavating under the existing footings and extending them to a lower level, creating a continuous and uniform floor level. While this method provides a seamless result, it is also more expensive, complex, and involves some level of risk. Underpinning requires engineering skills and careful staging to avoid damaging the structure of the house.

Bench-footing, another method for lowering basement floor, involves digging down and creating new walls that extend from the original footings. This method results in a concrete bench around the perimeter of the basement, which can be utilized for storage or seating. Bench-footing is known for being a faster, more cost-effective, and easier alternative to underpinning. However, it may reduce the overall floor area and might not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Rock Bottom Underpinning is well-equipped to manage both methods of lowering basements. They provide comprehensive services, including obtaining permits and conducting inspections to ensure the safety and quality of your project. Their expertise extends to aspects such as waterproofing, drainage, insulation, and flooring in the context of lowering basements. For homeowners in Toronto looking to maximize the potential of their basement space, basement lowering is indeed a worthwhile investment.

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Dion and his crew completed our underpinning safely and on schedule. The price was competitive, Dion was responsive, and any small issues that came up along the way were dealt with professionally. We were very pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rock Bottom.

- Alex

After getting 3 quotes we decided to hire Dion and his Rock Bottom Underpinning team. Our basement height was under 6 ft and now is 8ft. Dion & his crew do excellent work, and kept us well informed through the entire process. His estimate of cost and time was right on the target.

- Derek

This was not our first renovation but it is our biggest one and we had been planning and saving for an overhaul of our century home for 3 years. We sourced out three quotes and Dion at Rock Bottom was not only the most affordable but we also had a gut feeling we could trust him from Day 1.

- Katie

Rockbottom’s workmanship, customer service, team and overall final product was excellent! The project consisted of a full underpin, new water service and sewer main, and a large/complicated back addition. Dion and Jamie were always easily accessible and ensured the project ran efficiently and to budget

- Naram

Excellent service and workmanship. Personnel was very knowledgeable and accommodating with schedule updates. Project was on time and on budget which is all you can ask for

- Paul


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